Biophilia means the connection between man & the natural world & how this connection influences & contributes towards health & productivity for us in both home & the workplace, in what we wear & where we spend our time.


I am always inspired by nature & it's pureness & beauty. Whether traveling abroad or at home, I look to the natural elements for inspiration in design & color.

Biophilic design is a new consciousness toward incorporating the natural world into our modern & technologically advanced world. This new trend helps connect mankind to their inherent attachment with nature & the well-being received when living & working in these more natural & organic filled environments that combine both nature & technology in our contemporary lifestyles. Indirect & direct applications of organics, light, air, land, water & plant are reflected in designs, interiors & fashions so as to fulfill the needed connection & natural desire to have nature as part of our daily life & lifestyle. I believe this trend is paramount to support & through my design & color creativity I hope to encourage & inspire other designers to incorporate more natural & organic products into their selections & projects. Leather to me is a perfect product for biophilic design, being completely natural to the environment & our health. It is long lasting too & has a remarkable quality that holds a distinctive class of superiority.

These leathers selected from Cortina's collections beautifully represent natural colors & textures that reflect the theme for biophilic design with luminescent hues & pure textural dimensions of the natural grains in these exquisite qualities of leathers.

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Biophilic Leather Selections

Catalina – Latte

Color: Latte

Catalina – Claret

Color: Claret

Utah – Gardenia

Color: Gardenia

Utah – Roano

Color: Roano

Traverso – Tupelo

Color: Tupelo

Traverso – Mole

Color: Mole

Flamingo – Argento

Color: Argento

Flamingo – Pale Gold

Color: Pale Gold

Traverso – Whitewash

Color: Whitewash