Since leather is a natural material and each hide is unique, these dimensions represent average hide sizes and shapes. If specific cut sizes are required, please call Customer Service.

The industry-wide formula for converting fabric yardage to leather square footage is one linear yard of 54" wide fabric equals 18 sq.ft. of leather, based on hides averaging 50 to 55 sq.ft. Due to the irregular shape of the hides, there will always be a certain amount of waste; this formula takes waste into account.

When using hides smaller than 50 sq.ft., the manufacturer should be consulted to determine whether more leather is required due to decreased yield from smaller hides and/or whether seams will be necessary to upholster the piece.

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Cortina Leathers Calfskin

Average Size: 25-30 sq.ft.

Cortina Leathers Cowhide

Average Size: 50-55 sq.ft.


Average Size: 15-18 sq.ft.


Cavallo (whole hide available in select colors),
Cortina Emboss, Flamingo, Zigrino
Average Size: 25 sq.ft.


By industry standards, one running yard of fabric = 18 sq.ft. of leather. Although there are actually 13.5 sq.ft. in a running yard that is 54" wide, the additional 4.5 sq.ft. in the formula accounts for the waste factor, since hides are irregularly shaped. The term "usable square feet" already takes into account the waste factor, so that it is unnecessary to add to the amount required.

The following example demonstrates why six (6) 24" x 24" seat cushions require 54 sq.ft. of leather rather than 24 sq.ft. (6 cushions x 4 sq.ft.).

EXAMPLE: Six 24” X 24” panels required.  24 sq.ft. in total.

In FABRIC the six panels will require 2 lin. yds. or 27 sq.ft. total material (Figure A)

In LEATHER the six panels will typically require the cutting plan illustrated in Figure B, and in theory use up a full 50-sq.ft. hide to achieve our 24 net sq.ft.  In practice, efficient leather-cutting operations maximize yield from hides by combining varying panel requirements from a single hide, i.e. seats, backs, arms, piping, cushion sides, etc., so that the blank spaces in Figure B would be utilized as fully as possible.  However, some waste will always exist in a hide, no matter the patterns.

Cortina Leathers fabric panel graphic

Figure A

6 panels from 54”-wide fabric

Cortina Leathers Cowhide Panel

Figure B

6 panels for a 50-sq.ft. hide