Universal Cleaner: Exclusively for Cortina Leathers


Universal Cleaning Wipes, formulated specifically for Cortina Leathers make it easy to keep your leather looking like new. Our leather experts tested all commercially available cleaners to create the most effective cleaner that will easily remove stains and soiling for Cortina leathers. The detergent is gentle enough to clean richly colored leathers and tough enough to clean worn leather upholstery used in airplanes, restaurants, hotels, homes and offices, as well as marine and automotive leathers. Not recommended for pure aniline leathers, nubuck or suede.

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Product Details
Package Quantity :
60 Leather Wipes
Sheet Size :
3” x 7”
Cleaning Codes :
Semi-aniline (3), Pigmented (4) and Crypton treated leathers (5)
Contents :
>5% non ionic surfactants, parfum, methylisothiazolinone, 2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1, 3-diol, octylisothiazolinone
  • Never clean leather with a microfiber cloth or a cabin cleaner chemical. Use only leather Universal Cleaning Wipes.
  • To clean leather turnarounds, use only a dry cotton cloth unless stained. If stained, follow the cleaning instructions above.
  • Not recommended for use on sensitive leathers like pure aniline, nubuck or suede as it may cause color loss.
  • Wash hands after use.
  • Store at room temperature.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
Care sofa genuine red leather

Important: Before cleaning, test colorfastness on a hidden area of your leather.

  1. Dampen a clean white cloth and gently wipe the affected area using a circular motion.
  2. Apply moderate pressure to lift deep soiling.
  3. If the wipe becomes dirty or dry, discard and continue cleaning with another wipe.
  4. Rinse completely with a clean cloth to ensure all cleaner is removed.
  5. Dry with a paper towel or dry cloth, and allow to completely air dry.
  6. Repeat the cleaning process as needed, allowing the leather to dry between applications.