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Project Details

"Leather's always a natural choice for dining rooms and banquettes. With Crypton® in the mix, it's even more worry free, without sacrificing any of the leather's natural beauty." - Patrick J Hamilton

When interior designer Patrick J Hamilton approached the refresh of this sophisticated Manhattan residence, he saw white. The most ambitious element in his clean, modern proposal? A sky-high custom dining banquette outfitted in pure white leather. He knew the combination of material, color, and application would require innovation to keep it looking crisp.

Hamilton chose Cortina Leathers’ Caprone in Bright White, and ordered it finished with Crypton® performance technology for added resilience. Bring on the red wine.

Explore Cortina’s ability to keep exquisite leathers looking that way with Crypton. Start designing your interiors without limits now.

Patrick J Hamilton

Designer: Patrick James Hamilton Designs
Photos: Echo and Earl
Location: Manhattan, NY

Crypton at Home
Crypton at Home
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