Project Details

Nestled within Circa, a chic resort new to the Las Vegas Strip, is its nostalgic heart. Barry’s Downtown Prime brings a throwback aesthetic to Fremont Street that combines the best of every Vegas era. Imagined by the design team at Punch Architecture, the interior brings together moody tones, rich woods, glitzy metallics—and irresistible leathers from Cortina—to set the tone for an unparalleled Las Vegas experience.

Barry’s Downtown Prime is a steakhouse that feels like it's been there forever, but that there’s never been a place quite like it. The 3,200 square foot space is divided into stunning private dining rooms, each named after iconic eateries of Las Vegas’ past. Each area is packed with personality, but never feels anything but personal.

To help execute their era-defying design, Punch Architecture turned to Cortina’s expertise in a timeless material: leather. For example, the distinctive dining chairs are clad in Collina, a full-grain pull-up leather with aniline authenticity. The cozy tufted booths are upholstered in Athene — an Italian leather with exceptional color depth and a glossy finish.

Explore Cortina’s ability to combine vintage flair with trend-forward ideas. Start designing your interiors without limits.

Designer: Punch Architecture
Photographer: Drex and Adam Kilbourn DREX Agency
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada